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Praveen Kailas has personal and professional experience in the creation, improvement, and maintenance of homes and commercial properties.


One issue Praveen feels strongly about is construction for longevity, and not construction solely for design. A common example of this is aluminum clad wood windows, some of which have major rotting problems, which is costly and time-consuming to repair.

Clean Energy

As for energy efficiency initiatives, Praveen has experience in installing and running low-voltage systems throughout homes. He loves to stay up-to-date on advances in audio/visual products, and he uses his expertise in this area to guide more efficient, subtle wiring systems.


In addition to the creation and implementation of solid construction, Praveen cares about the pricing. He shares product recommendations and construction ideas that are reasonably priced and ultimately last long enough to make the purchase cost-effective.

Praveen enjoys sharing tips and advice for homeowners who want to live clean, healthy and efficient lives. He emphasizes the importance of DIY projects so homeowners feel confident in making their own choices and starting their own projects. Praveen’s experiences range from home construction to setting up systems for increased efficiency. He has knowledge of how to build cabinets, set up electrical control systems, improve heat and air conditioning options and increase energy efficiency in notoriously difficult places like attics. Praveen enjoys sharing tips for the basics, such as finding a paint or stone to best suit your home, to more advanced tactics, such as setting up audio systems for home theaters.

Through Praveen’s career he has learned a great deal; however, his travels to other countries that have been “building green” for decades have also provided a great deal of insight. On the flip side, there are other developing countries that still use outdated practices. For example, vinyl windows are not only easier to make, but they are also more energy efficient.  However, vinyl windows are not prevalent in other developing countries. Praveen is passionate about sharing advice from those who have been building green for years with those in other countries that are still outdated, ultimately creating a more sustainable and clean world for all of us.